Horny Mess

Hello!! I am a 25 yr old bi virgin denial slut. This is where I store all the things that turn on my poor denied pussy. So I hope you enjoy yourself too!!! ~Love Bunny Kik: littlehbunny PS. Please include your blog name or else I definitely won't respond PPS. I will strive to answer any asks privately if you wish, but whether or not I answer your dm is completely up to my mood thank you!

No Pussy November!!!

So I've decided to participate in no pussy November this year so what that means is that nothing will he touching or entering my pussy all month I can grind/hump things lol but the only touching or penetration I can have is on/in my little ass or mouth I suppose. So I would love it if any of my followers would like to join me for this wonderful month of pleasure and exploration! Give myself and others your stories and suggestions I'm sure they'll all be well recieved πŸ˜‰ everyone have fun and share with me😘

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